Race-Eat-Play – Raptor Go-Karts

Get ready, get set – zoom! If you’ve got a need for speed and want to really race around the track, then strap into one of our Raptor Go-Karts and hold on! These are our fastest karts and they’re waiting to take you a ride you won’t soon forget!


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Drivers must be 56” or taller.
Raptor drivers must show a current driver license or permit..
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  • Attraction not suggested for pregnant women, individuals with back or neck problems or those with a heart condition.
  • Riders must be able to sit up on their own and have control of their head, neck and legs.


Get BOGO wristbands on Mondays, or spend $49.99 on Fridays and get 2 wristbands, 1 whole pizza & 1 pitcher of soda.